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I used to own a small hotel and live close to a GWL so I love this story. I can't believe it was "some guy" who came up with the laundry cards, and actually made a business out of it by heading to Kinkos. Always thought it was some enterprising housekeeping manager, general manager, or maybe some directive from a corporate bean counter.

There's a hotel nearby with a covered central courtyard with a pool, tall trees, kids area, and pool bar - I wonder if it wasn't inspired as a cheaper version of the Holidome.

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The Holodome reference made me nostalgic for those old hotels with the strong smell of chlorine from the indoor pool as a kid.

Plus some Greatwolf Lodge bashing parenting humor and fun writing.


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having viisited GWL and being a hotelier, this was a great write-up. 🔥

i also spent many late nights printing out high school papers off my Zip drive at Kinkos. smooth nostalgia.

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